Who Was Hamilton? at the New York Public Library, 2016

In August 2016, I visited the incredible New York Public Library for their #WhoWasHamilton? exhibit, where I drooled over many primary documents and genuinely had a little cry over seeing the Farewell Address. For fun, I thought it’d be cute to pair up some familiar Broadway songs to their corresponding documents. The exhibit was WONDERFUL and I ended up visiting a second time before it closed in December 2016.

with George Washington’s handwritten draft of the Farewell Address at the NYPL

Watch the video of my trip to the NYPL and Bryant Park below:

To learn more about ‘Alexander Hamilton: Striver, Statesman, Scoundrel’ at the New York Public Library, click here. The NYPL also has HQ scans of the documents in this video (and many more) that you can feast upon on their website – and it’s definitely worth a look!

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