A long awaited trip to the Museum of the American Revolution

Last year, in June 2018, I finally made a trip to the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, PA with my friends Richie and Rae. I had been dying to visit ever since I learned about MoAR back in 2016, and even donated towards its construction. The era of the American Revolution and the country’s founding has been my favorite since I was little. This is the era that made me love history. To say we were excited, was, well, an understatement…

MoAR lived up to every expectation I had, and more. The tableaus of various iconic, or overlooked, scenes from history really brought history to life. It’s one thing to read a sign on the wall and look at a lifeless weapon, but it is quite another thing when those components are paired with life-sized figures that you could look in the eye. It humanizes history. It brings the people and concepts off the page and to life right in front of you.

The MoAR has a fantastic collection of artifacts, and hands-on, interactive exhibits throughout that make it educational and fun for people of all ages. I definitely spent quite a lot of time running from panel to panel, object to object, and tableau to tableau, fangirling my heart out over everything while my friends laughed and joined in. I especially loved explaining to them how after the New York Sons of Liberty read the Declaration of Independence, they pulled down the statue of King George III and melted pieces of it down to make musket balls.

Rae and I do our best Sons (Daughters) of Liberty impression, ready to pull down a statue of a tyrant and fuck shit up!.

I hope to return to the Museum of the American Revolution soon, as during this trip we didn’t get to see everything. We visited before attending a show at the Fillmore, so I am desperate to get back to Philadelphia as soon as I can to fully and properly experience MoAR in all it’s glory!

*Jake Peralta voice* TAKE MY PICTURE WITH IT! (This is MoAR’s Liberty Tree!)
Get someone that looks at you the way I look at historical artifacts.

Learn all about the Museum of the American Revolution, and plan your own visit by clicking here. Think of me when you attend!

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